Adolfpool now has a block explorer!!


Hi again!

Well, seems the changes are coming thick and fast. Today I decided to see just how hard it would be to get a block explorer going, and it seems that it wasn’t too hard at all! :slight_smile: I found a simple, but very featureful monero explorer was more than capable of being retooled to serve the adolfcoin blockchain.

Granted there was much tewaking and such, but for a days worth of work it’s pretty good. I’ve already integrated it with, so miners can now effortlessly follow their payments to the explorer.

If people just want to browse, they can also do that too. now points to the server so you can all visit it directly.

Everything that the explorer can do on monero, it can do on adolfcoin, HOWEVER! There is one caveat, and that is, all the coin/fee totals are off by one decimal place due to the fact that adolfcoin had to fork to combat greedy miners. All your balances are correct though, it’s just that they will look like they are 1/10th of the total it actually is. Fixing that might take some time though as it seems that somewhere along the way, the explorer makes assumptions about the decimal placings rather than listening to the adolfnode :/. Aside from that I’m fairly confident everything else works as intended, I’ve tested most of the functionality, and it seems to be working well.



Quick update. The adolfcoin precision is now fixed, it now reports the correct decimal placings. Seems a hardcoded definition in tools.h had to be changed, but now it returns the correct values across the block explorer.

#define XMR_AMOUNT(value) \
    static_cast<double>(value) / 1e11
    xmr_amount_to_str(const uint64_t& xmr_amount,
                      string _format="{:0.11f}",
                      bool zero_to_question_mark=true)