Any Battle Tested Privacy Setups?


The purpose of this post is to explore privacy options for protection against wrongdoers. Such discussions could help protect Zeronet and i2p users too.

Threat Model: those antifa thugs and communists exposing our identities, deleting github accounts, intercepting traffic to mining pools, any other attack vectors.

Example: mining adolfcoin in a super liberal university and association with adolfcoin and other political stances has profound implications to physical safety.

Potential solution(s):
Using a single board computer(small means physical safety - jtagging or bios attacks can be prevented) like the odroid-C2 gigabit ethernet (chosen for its lack of embedded permanent storage, lack of embedded wifi or bluetooth, and 64 bit architecture), and on that single board computer route all traffic through tor on obfs4 transport. Maybe even run tails on it. Any application (like mining adolfs or sensitive activies) must go through the C2(so the C2 becomes sort of like a NAS). Any long term storages can emergency shutdown and encrypt at a moments notice. The C2 can host a tor hidden service so it can be remotely shutdown even if port 22 for SSH is blocked.

Even with all of that, IP address and other information can be leaked from the client side.

Insights and advises much appreciated.