April 20th is near


What will be done on such a day? Is there anything in store for Adolfcoin? Maybe update the code to get rid of the daemon error. Fixing the site so we can view it again. Some new artwork.

Also difficulty is below 200,000. I must have 1/4 of the hashing power with 3 PCs mining.


We are now on Freenet:


I’ll take a look in the coming days if time permits.

Could have been that one of the (public) pools was being worked on, as diff reports that it’s at about 300k now.

Cool stuff.


Seems like adolfpool is dead. But Fluffball is running. The nethash has been down under 1.5m from time to time. That is only 2 1080tis worth of hash. I know it is meant to be an unpopular coin, but there should still be a few people mining. People put some effort into making the coin, art and website. Seems like everything dropped off.

I will try to learn how to run freenet.

I am sure compiling the wallet is out of reach for many people that come across adolfcoin. What would it take to release precompiled wallet binaries? Seems like the 20th would be a good time to do some advertising on 8ch and try to get adoption. Maybe someone with some good input would be drawn into the coin.


Yes, this is correct. The host I used somehow managed to corrupt the server and now it can’t verify mined blocks. This was meant to be rebuilt a couple weeks ago, but RL decided to rear it’s ugly head, and I’ve had to deal with that. adolfpool is on, but for all intents and purposes, you will get no payments from mined blocks.

I’m awfully sorry about that, and honestly, if it weren’t for RL shit hitting the fan, I’d have fixed this weeks ago. Right now, I honesltly can’t put a timeframe on when I can get around to fixing it, but I will definitely tell everyone when it is. In the meantime, you’d best be served to use fluffball’s pool if you want to GPU mine.