Bitcoin futures?


What is this jewish bullshit i hear about exchanges offering futures trading on bitcoin? I don’t really understand it but have a feeling it’s inherently bad. more kike speculation magic to make money out of nothing again is how i see it but i could be understanding it wrong. what’s your opinion on this? is this a good thing and why?


It’s exactly what you think it means, and don’t forget that INSANE amounts of BTC are still out there from various hacks, and it’s not easy getting those safely out to cash…

How about using those to crash BTC with no survivors instead, while betting it will crash at a given time with 100x gearing?


who’s wallet is that? i’m not sure what i’m looking it. they sure have a lot of coins though. is that from a recent hack??



There are other wallets that can ruin BTC in various ways…the capacity of Bitcoin is laughable.


like “satoshi” ? i heard dude has 1 million bitcoins in his wallets or something.


Among others… there was so many breaches etc. in the beginning that many wallets have totally absurd sums of BTC in them.

The way BTC is designed (emission rate etc.) makes this nearly impossible to avoid. A “perfect” cryptocurrency should have a constant (or SLIGHTLY increasing) value. BTC is not “the future”, it’s a prototype…

What do you think will happen with this wallet? It has to be sold “wholesale”…


First came napster. It was huge. Then came kazaa & limewire, then came torrents.

First came friendster. It was huge. Then came myspace, then came facebook.

First came bitcoin. It’s huge.


You’ve summed up my understanding of it rather well.