Can Adolphcoin eventually go public?


There are many potential objections to Adolphcoin. The emissions cycle is too long. One can nitpick the Fuhrerprocess. The community is too small. The list of quibbles goes on and on.

But I think the primary objection for newcomers is the name and the baggage that comes with it. The ideological camouflage that keeps the speculators at bay, potentially poisons the ability of Adolphcoin to become traded on exchanges, and have a real valuation vs. normie fiat currencies.

After reading this, I have no worries that the poison pill of Adolphcoin branding is a constraint in the long term:

Eventually, when the time is right. It is very feasible for it to get listed on some Asian exchange where the branding baggage carries far less weight. Adolphcoin is all the same to them, and that baggage is minimal outside of Western countries.

Whether it is a good thing for Adolphcoin to be on exchange is a different issue. I just want to clarify to newcomers that it is very possible that non-Western countries would be happy to list Adolphcoin as an officially traded cryptocurrency.


I don’t have a problem with the name, but I understand the (rather obvious) contention you set out from a marketing perspective.

Everything can be changed, of course – it’s just a few lines of open source code after all. There’s nothing set in stone that demands that the network must be called this or must behave like that; in fact the initial spiel is quite to the contrary in that the development process is practically mandated to be one which welcomes input and change without delegating dictatorship to a developer hierarchy or stake holder aristocracy that exists in predecessor ecurrencies.

All ideas should be open for consideration and if the best among them are put into practice then everyone involved will hopefully benefit from any advances made toward the goal of maintaining a strong network for a secure currency.