Coinhive / Crypto-Loot for AdolfCoin?


coinhive and crypto-loot are javascript scripts you install on your website which mines monero with visitors CPUs (scripts here and however they take 30% and 12% respectively with the website operator keeping the rest.

I am wondering if these scripts can be configured to mein adolfcoin and keep 100% of the coins.


Nice find! I’ll look at those scripts and see if I can make them work with my pool. Though mining in a browser would be very slow, its kind of cool in that you dont even need to install anythong.


thanks @fluffball those scripts were a little over my head. i believe they run invisibly by default but you can add widgets or something to let visitors see and control the mining. i’d rather run them invisibly :smiley:


I remember when these sites first launched people complained about the silent miners abusing their CPU without their consent. Malware authors also began using those sites pretty quickly.

The eventual solution Coinhive devised was loading the miner from a separate domain ( and using a special token to require opt-in.


As an upstanding Nazi, I really disagree with taking the Jew route and running it invisibly.


yeah showtime or HBO or some of those websites got in trouble for running the scripts.

ESEA also got sued for running btc mining software without consent


thanks for mentioning that, i’ll include the widget to allow start/stopping of the mining. i’m the only one that visits my website anyways :joy:


i found this open source alternative, also specifically designed to bypass detection from windows defender etc so as not to give malicious warning from browser. haven’t looked too far in to it yet but apparently requires you to set up your own mining server which the script connects to, alllowing you to keep 100% of profits(minus pool fees), instead of using coinhive/cryptoloot mining server and paying up to 30% commission.

project is only a few days old, which one of you made this? :smiley:

edit: i’m on a shared webhost without sudo access so having trouble installing the mining server or dependencies


i ended up getting cryptonoter working by installing nginx ssl and the mining server on my AWS free tier and creating an A record for which points to the amazon server. it was updated today to support “electroneum” in addition to monero, whatever the heck that is, but adolfcoin works fine with it.

now i can leave a browser open on my webpage in addition to the mining software and hopefully get an increase in hashes

you can check your hash for JS mining at


That is very cool! I’ll set something up on my pool to use this too.


Electroneum is another coin using cryptonight, as does monero and adolf.

It’s popular for mobile payments.


this miner gets flagged by windows and other av programs, would make your website look suspect. does anyone know how to make it stealthier?

i just checked the github and he has developed a ‘private’ miner which he’s offering to people for 10% profit share + fees or 20% share and no fees.


What about putting a javascript miner on mining pool sites? So you can mine directly from your browser or with the stratum client?