Come join us at #adolfcoin on Freenode


We have a chat discussing adolfcoin there, we would love more participants.


I would, unfortunately freenode wont let me connect to it for some reason.


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If you are discussing anything of value to others in the community (interesting, useful, funny) you should consider moving the discussion here to the Führerbunker so others can participate (now and in future).


We could also impliment a chatlog which is accessible here. I could have a bot up by to do so in a few hours.


Yes, but that would only allow one way communication rather than integration.

I know IRC has its own appeal, but there’s a live chat feature I can implement for this forum, perhaps that will satisfy the desire for instant messaging - and it would also open it up to a larger set of the community. I’ll do this today and see what happens.


Perhaps so. My only concern with forum-style communication is that I feel it will hinder development of new ideas. Like to type this, I had to go to the site, view the thread which I saw was updated, then hit reply. I understand the desire and need for transparency and cooperation, though.


I agree here. Forums are a bad format for real-time communication, for better or for worse. We can distill the ideas created in the chat as threads here, but not every single word we say chatting with each other needs to be logged (here) in perpetuity.


I agree with that aspect - instant and synchronous communications provides greater flow for those involved and certainly has its uses.

Another perspective to look at this from aside from transparency is the number of individual minds involved in the development of any given idea. The more minds involved (and the earlier they are involved), the more clear, refined and accurate things become.

Asynchronous communication creates the conditions for a greater number of individual minds to be involved.

Edit: just to be clear, I’m not saying don’t use IRC.


OK, refresh the page, you should see a bullhorn icon.


There is now a telegram group which is linked to the IRC channel. To join, use this link:


@meinfuhrer i’m wondering where you got the IRC relay bot or if you wrote it yourself and could it be configured to relay discord -> discourse and vice versa? danke