Daemon update is needed


Getting a warning about needing to update daemon.

|2018-03-27 02:33:07.451|[P2P6]|WARN |global|src/cryptonote_core/cryptonote_core.cpp:1241|Last scheduled hard fork time shows a daemon update is needed now.|


That’s a remnant warning that can be safely ignored. Required core updates are currently controlled by block height, with the next scheduled by block 129600.


Oh Thank you for clearing that up. I should read more.


i am getting this problem and stopped meining a month ago or so, so i joined up and made an account. i would like to start meining again, atleast once it cools off some. is there an update i missed out of?


The last node build gassed at 129600. If you don’t want to edit source and recompile new ones for yourself you can grab updated binaries here:

  • Ubuntu (all binaries)
    $ wget -Nc

  • Windows (all binaries)

  • Windows (just adolfnode.exe)

(ZyklonB drops at block 158800)

If you already have the old binaries you only need to grab an updated adolfnode above.



Thank you so much acf! Been out of the loop for weeks.


This is gassed already? The explorer shows we’re at 165000s.


unable to access the updates


Visit fuhrerbunker.adolfcoin.camp to update.”

Update will be?


I’ll spin up a server later today and upload some working binaries for you.


Ubuntu 64 bit

all binaries:
adolfnode only:

Windows 32 bit
all binaries:
adolfnode.exe only:

Windows 64 bit
all binaries:
adolfnode.exe only:

(ZyklonB drops at block 220000)

If you already have the older binaries then you only need to grab an updated adolfnode above.


Links do not work :frowning_face:


Please try the links again (errant port components have been removed).


The links work :ok_hand:


Awesome, downloaded, will start mining again!


its saying “last scheduled hard fork is too far in the past” and “we are most likely forked from the network, Daemon update is needed”


I’ll create a GitLab account and do some spring cleaning on the core soon.


It wont let me mine, is there something i have to do to get around it


I don’t appear to have any problems this side when opening a wallet file using wallet-cli and firing a local miner up.

e.g. in wallet-cli console:
Mine using single CPU: start_mining
Mine using multi CPUs: start_mining 3


I did that and it just says error busy