Daemon update is needed


well I did the “start_mining wallet address [threads]” in the node


start_mining [address] [threads]
Works this end, too.

I’ll try spinning a pool up that you can mine on tomorrow on if you’d like.


appreciate it


Error: Couldn’t connect to daemon:

Height: 129600/129600 (100.0%) on mainnet, not mining, net hash 25.20 kH/s, v6, out of date, likely forked, 0(out)+0(in) connections, uptime 0d 0h 0m 0s

this is what shows up on wallet-gui


Current block height actually went over 210700 today, so it appears that you haven’t reboarded the blocktrain since a couple of gassings ago.

To catch up syncing, you can simply add a known node to your peer list by starting your node with the --add-peer switch

adolfnode --add-peer

This will connect your node directly to the peer and that peer will also share it’s list of peers with you, after which your node will commence syncing from where it left off.


awesome thanks


still considering spinning up that pool acf?, i’d like to be able to point my gpu and droid devices at something


The GitHub acc I had the pool app (fuhrerpool) on was banned so I’ll have to grab an old node version and make some edits to get something up.

I thought ferret was still running a pool. Is it no longer working?


Blocks 220000+

Windows 64 bit
adolfnode.exe + adolf-wallet-cli.exe


Would you mind a 32-bit version? And maybe we shouldn’t have gassings anymore; they’re too much of a hassle without regular, official releases.



Windows 32 bit



@ferretinjapan’s pool is no longer working.


Ubuntu - adolfnode

Win64 - adolfnode.exe

Win32 - adolfnode.exe


He might be having issues with the VPS provider again – or some shitminer pointed gigahashes at it and caused too many problems. I don’t have a VPS capable of surviving a hashing onslaught presently. You might be able to ping him on IRC to see what’s up.

@ferretinjapan @fluffball @Felio