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I have written a decentralized donation/crowd-funder for Adolfcoin. It is a Windows program that turns itself on every day to send payments to people. Theoretically, it could be used for payroll, donations, Patreon-style subscriptions, or crowdfunding, so the next time someone gets fired from Pizza Hut for being a Nazi we don’t have to rely on shutdownable websites or antifascist credit card companies, as long as their address has been published.
You create a text file containing the addresses, number of days between donation
s, and a description of what or who you’re donating to:
Nordic Resistance Movement .0005 7 RksZFB2V8b2jFJi7NKmjds24P2ZSv3wA14uvHnnadfHLLA8LAXoWXpM3EoEMgiSir2fN8xCoq4VEK8PsewvAwveb2sNMFwqUF fight for nordic babies National Rifle Association .0001 14 RktbNyR9U2WAXZqVmRkoJPY4CeXkDaaEmCUhMgzkGtqkQRhAdgS3wKfjahsEp64fFDKjLSM1XNUDX2CCNniNMhVB2REp9wejg second amendment Andrew Anglin .0003 1 Rksaiz14LT8N19gXGWRH4DbiZDT1RP2FQj7zLrHAuQYSDEsAMbFxmpe9iaBmKdhHvnHtxYy1UxCBvXnbQZ9wfPeA1xQNet577 the Daily Stormer and the lulz Spacechain .0004 3 RktkycxBZT32rNPPjuXyuZ6mQ3AnKPVfq98oJzu87GV23pEMZ2rRcAgcMLQtudyCbKadPmgNjJwELBq72NJ5UtxJ1YZxFKMay for the halos
(None of the addresses are real, they are just an example.) Lines of this file can be copy-pasted, for example from pastebins and forums, into your own Documents directory to become a subscriber.
Then, the program uses modular arithmetic and a simple counter file in Application Data to send your payments using pipes to the command line interface. The current code assumes no wallet password and a default user name wallet file.
Let me know what you guys think.


The text file didn’t quite display right but it is included in the zip.


Sounds very cool. Will definitely try this out over the weekend.

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