Faster CPU Miner, double the speed!


Available for Linux now. Working on the Windows version and will put in on this page as soon as it’s working.

If you run this miner, please post your hash rate and hardware here.

I’ll start:

i5 2.4 Ghz
minerd 17 H/s
fluffyminer 32 H/s
adolfnode (raw dog) 33 H/s

Using Fluffball's Mining Pool with Windows (CPU Mining)

Windows version is released. Download and install instructions are here.

Once you start using it come back to this thread and tell me what CPU you have and what hash rate you are getting.


i5-2400S @ 2.5GHz:
On cpuminer-multi: 81.2 Hashes/s
On fluffyminer: 96 Hashes/s

AMD A10-7850K
On cpuminer-multi: 50 Hashes/s
On fluffyminer: 56 Hashes/s

Damn. That’s a pretty awesome improvement. I’m going to try to compile on OSX now. Thanks!


One bug I see is that when starting the miner without the -t flag, it uses 3 threads instead of 4.
However, it seems that my hashrate is faster with only 3 threads. Perhaps the readout is set incorrectly? Or is there something else going on?

4 Threads: 55.8 Hashes/s
3 Threads 86 Hashes/s
2 Threads: 78 Hashes/s

4 Threads: 68 Hashes/s
3 Threads: 108 Hashes/s


This is interesting. I wonder why it’s doing that.

We need more people to test and collect more data points.

For me it’s always faster running with all cores.

Are you running on Linux?


My AMD system runs on Kali and my Intel system runs on Windows. Same result with both.


I5 2.2 ghz
Minerd 21 h/s
Fluffyminer 34 h/s

Nice work :grinning:


i5-3470S @ 2.9GHz
Minerd 80H/s
Fluffyminer 120H/s

Running on Windows 8.1


Love that profile pic :sunglasses:


It’s from Arno Breker


Can you mine rawdog with different miners? I don’t understand how to mine anywhere than the adolfnode software.


Raw dog mining is only with Adolfnode. Or, at least, I don’t know how you would do it any other way.

See for a description of both types of mining.

Basically, raw dog gives you slightly more coins overall, but it gives them to you very sporadically. Pool mining is more regular.

Is that what you’re asking?


Mining raw dog with adolfnode is the fastest way to mine, the pool miners are all slightly slower. So using a different miner to mine raw dog doesnt make any sense because it just means youll get less coin.

Its worth playing with pool mining though just to see how it goes. Dead easy to set up, easier than adolfnode. Also opens up GPU and android mining.


Another bug to report,
Sometimes it seems that the miner freezes–though CPU utilization remains high, there are no new blocks detected or shares found. This has happened on all of my computers. Perhaps code in some crash detection that automagically restarts the miner if it hasn’t found a new block in a while.


I’m very noob to mining in general. Setting up was kinda hard, so I’m trying to make sure I’m doing it right still. Thanks for the replies.


The vast majority of people involved are new to cryptocurrency, this is not unintentional. There are no stupid questions, if you are unclear about anything other people are too, and new people coming in the future will also be. By asking questions and participating in the discussion you are helping others.

Mining raw dog simply means mining with adolfnode directly instead of with the ‘protection’ of a mining pool. There are benefits to both methods and it’s good to experiment and see which one works best for your situation.


Seems like it’s just reporting inaccurate speed on the miner itself.


How did you calculate it? I’ll try and replicate.


AMD Ryzen 1800x

8 threads 400H/s
16 threads 170-190H/s

8 threads 400-430 H/s
16 threads 190-200H/s

Less threads = more Hash rate


Well I was the only one on my test pool and it indicated a lower hashrate than was displayed on my miner. Then I bumped it up to 4 threads and it displayed faster on the pool but slower on the miner