Gas height has been reached


The Vergeltung gas height has been reached.

Gas heights are not designed to purge shitminers (Vergeltung onwards is immutable). They are to ensure people don’t accidentally mine/transfer on the wrong chain after updates, and to ensure they stay up to date with the latest version in case of security problems etc. Most currencies use some form of ‘voting’ to do this instead, and the result isn’t great (e.g. Monero has numerous dead chains and people often lose their coins because they don’t know there’s a new version). This is a brutal approach but probably the simplest, keeping a large number of people all running the latest version is bloody hard.

The code in the repo has been updated (a single line change), Linux users can simply do a git pull and rebuild. Windows users: I’ll post Windows binaries later.
Pool miners: you don’t need to do anything.


The only change is to adolfnode.exe so you can just replace your current executable with the version below and continue to use your GUI and other .exe’s as usual.


For anyone who might need or want the extra core exe’s (new Windows users, pack rats, etc.) the archive below contains:

  • adolf-blockchain-export.exe
  • adolf-blockchain-import.exe
  • adolfnode.exe
  • adolf-wallet-cli.exe
  • adolf-wallet-rpc.exe




Is there a Win32 binary available?


I did build the 32 bit versions, however upon test-downloading it Windows Defender identified adolfnode.exe as containing a Fuery Trojan of some description and immediately deleted the download. Odd, really, as the PC to which I downloaded it is the same PC on which the binary was built and the zip file created.

I could upload it again for you to try, but be aware that for whatever reason WinDefender doesn’t seem to like it as a download.

Actually, I’ll run it over an online scanner and report back.

EDIT: adding links and scan results

adolfnode win32:
scan results:

Vergeltung win32::
scan results:

Note: the Vergeltung-win32 archive doesn’t include adolfcoin-wallet-rpc.exe


Is there a win32 binary for the new gassing available?