How do I mine on Windows now that the Github is gone? Where can I download Fluffyminer?


I got to mining in the pool in minutes with ease on my old phone. However, the guide for Windows and the software needed seems to have been gassed so where can I get it? Sorry if it’s a dumb question and thanks for any help. It appears the guide is gone since it was hosted on Github so how do I go about this as a newbie? I’m new to cryptocurrency mining so it’d probably be best to explain it to me the same way you’d explain it to your grandma. Also, where can I download Fluffyminer? Thanks


Link for Windows:

New release announcement:


thanks! seems like the second link is private?


It should be available if you’re logged in.


I am…Maybe it’s because my account is so new?


Have you earned the basic badge? Check your notifications.

A wild guess.


Nope, how do I do it?


The checking notification is done by clicking your account picture.

I learned about the badge on seeing a (1) on the account icon, after reading a few posts while logged in.


the 2nd link seems to just be an announcement about the first link. don’t think you’re missing anything.

i mine thru a pool because i only put between 2-30 h/s depending how many of my machines are running.


Here’s a link to fluffyminer kindly provided by @realholocaustpls

The second link in my first reply is just an announcement for context.


Thank you very much to both of you!


We need to compile this in some way to make it work, right? Is there any resources or tutorial you can offer that says how to do that, preferably one that someone with next to no programming experience would be able to understand?


For fluffyminer, compiling is necessary but I’m not sure as to the details.

Edit: As @kekislord pointed out there’s a download link above. I remembered incorrectly; the package does not require compiling.


There’s a windows binary in the link above I think