How many coins are being exchanged?


Is there a way to tell from the blockchain explorer or otherwise how many coins people are sending to each other? I see a lot of transactions with no fees and outputs of 3.789. I’m guessing those are mining rewards.

Is the AdolfCoin network seeing use by anyone other than miners? If so, how much? If I have the whole blockchain on my computer then the information is there, but how does one go about answering this question?


i believe by default you can’t tell the exact amount of transactions or the sender and receiver, but i suppose if mining rewards have 0 fees then transactions with a fee would be ones sent from a user? not sure


I get a good feeling from this project, and last thing I want to do is to impair success, but if the only ones using the network are miners, are we just hashing for the sake of burning electricity?


No, transactions are stealthy by design.

You can ascertain the number and size of transactions that occurred within any given block across the entire blocktrain, but not the content of said transactions (other than those of which you are in possession of the sender or receiver addresses and view keys).


Actually, not anymore. In Vergeltung you can’t even do that. Totally private.


The blocktrain contains a record of the number and size of all transactions within every block – those things are necessarily public in order for the network to function as a decentralised custodian of an immutable ledger.