I got your github account deleted


Suck it neonazis. Every one of you are SCUM. Go and rot. I reported your shitty little shitcoin to github and it’s been deleted. Game over, good luck with your shitcoin when you don’t even have github lol. Bye bye!


Hey dude if you’re not merely pretending to be retarded you should listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2XkfBWSmcs.

Especially the line ‘There is the word and there is the butterfly. If you confuse these two items people have the right to laugh at you.’

tl;dr LOL


The rules on this forum also clearly state that this is a civil place, and hate speech, whether it be directed to groups or individuals is not acceptable.


wow 17 people online, this is an all time high


Hahah this silly dumb dumb doesnt realize the deletion of github just made us that much stronger. Hahah this is gonna me good!


@byebye apparently this is how you promote tolerance… with intolerance.
I hope you and your sodomite friends get GRIDS.


You think we didn’t know it would eventually get taken down? You know how many alternatives there are to github? If you happened to read the fuhrerprocess you’d see that coming under attack only makes us stronger.


Tell yourself whatever you want lol your shitcoin is dead lol

“makes us stronger” hahahahahhahha idiot, I always knew nazis were dumb as shit but its good to be proven right

The whole world hates nazis like you, it doesnt matter what you do, this will never work because the more people who know about it will just mean more people to take you down lol

And if I find out who any of you are in real life you have a punch in the face to look forward to, I guess I’ll find you around Charlottesville with all the other nazis? No one is going to let you get away with this lol



Have fun with your fetish and being on the losing end of power dynamics.


Seriously? You think you’re on the “winning” end? Ask how many people think “adolfcoin” should be allowed to exist. 99.9999% of people will say no. I’m not worried now after seeing how thickly stupid you people are lol


@byebye You should hang around and wait for our new Beta release – its for folks just like you and the rest of the Antifa.


It seems you not only have a thin skin, but are now making threats on people IRL. I hope you realise that what you are doing right now, is, in fact, reportable to authorities in most countries, and regardless of your “reasons” you will still end up on the wrong side of the law. The fact that you are incapable of seeing that the naming is intended to dissuade opportunists, and manipulators (like the last other several hundred blockchains have been pumped/dumped), and instead promote a decentralised development process seems to be completely lost on you.


Lololol imagine that a communist telling us were doing something wrong. Bwahahha


OKay man, I think its time for you to stop watching fox news for a bit. Please read what this community is about and realize that blatant attacks are futile. The community as a whole had put faith into this project and feeble attempts to have it shut down will only allow for a stronger infrastructure moving forward. Being open minded of all aspects of a movement allows for better understanding.


The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes at you.

Don’t lose too much sleep over us, hymie. We are merely cryptocurrency enthusiasts, seeking to develop a coin that you can’t fuck with through speculation.


Might well this drive der untermensch to “anger”; instead I grow fuhreriouser


The whole world, eh?

When all you have is hate in your heart, all you can see in others is hate.


Damn that is an amazing collection!


I can’t tell you how much I want that pixel art ‘He was right!’ shirt.