Idea - Images and else


Lets collect all Adolfcoin related Image Materials here, we should focus on Adolfcoin Images only, no real or funny meme pictures as they belong to the Humorbunker.

Keep in mind only posting pictures that do not show actions and/or symbols in some countrys might fall into “hatespeech” and/or are illegal, we all know what hatespeech really is, another attempt to suppress the freespech, but let us be more intelligent not to give anybody any attack vector to the experimental project adolfcoin, its a coin for joy and free spech.

@meinfuhrer i am looking for the image you posting at twitter on 18 April, with burning all altcoins, cant find it on your twitter any longer

I start with a few:


This is a really good idea. The pictures seem to come and go all the time so we should collect them.

I’ve seen other ones too and can’t find them now, I think @meinfuhrer draws them and then releases them but then deletes them later, so you have to catch them in time.

I saved some on my laptop which I left somewhere else, I’ll get it back in a week and can post the pictures then.





ayyy lmao quite direct.
It requires two thumbs up.

Edit: the heilicopter is a nice touch.


The helicopter is cultural appropriation but I’ll let it slip this once.

On a side note, @meinfuhrer seems to be very much not fucking about, going for the jugular.



32 PM


Re: heilicopter: it was the best bit.
Arguably a Geoffrey of a Hook for future sketchings.



I was thinking about this one:

On the right hand side there’s the “Original vision…” heading. Everything is capitals except for “Block” and its really bugging me. In fact everything is uniform and makes sense (capital vs lower case lettering) except for that one word, it’s the outlier.

The whole thing is talking about segwit and off-chain transactions, basically saying it’s a Jew takeover. I.e. becoming something other than a “chain”. But the “original vision (on-chain transactions) lives on”.

Maybe my overactive mind is running away again and I’m way off, but I think he was actually talking about Bitcoin Cash and not Adolfcoin here, which means he must have known about Bitcoin Cash when this was posted on Twitter (July 13).


I see now the word cryptocurrency is wrong, my brain automatically transformed the wrong word into cryptocurrency but it is CRYtourrency?


If you look at what is burning

CNN is burning
Google is burning
Goldman Sachs is burning
EUR and USA is burning

Get out of western countries as soon as possible. The western countries are doomed and will burn soon. This is all plan of the political system.


It looks like USD end EUR not Europe and USA?



That newspaper looks pretty cool. But was “Crytourrency” a misspelling or an attempt at a pun?


cry to ur (pa)rents-y ? kind of a stretch maybe