Little confused


What is the actual reason for the “adolf” theme?

I get the technology behind it and I understand how it could possibly solve real problems.

Hell the fact it’s supposed to be used in an anonymous marketplace is cool

Even the fact it’s got code from like 10 different bases it’s neat.

But WHY the adolf theme? By using it am I supporting actual nazi ideology?

Or is the adolf theme just a way of drawing attention and or trolling?


The name is to scare people away, none of us here want it to become a speculative pump\dump shitcoin type thing. I think there’s definitely some trolling aspect too.

The main thing to reconcile is that while it looks like a shitcoin or perhaps like a “nazi” thing, the founding dev is…very smart. We don’t know who he is but read up on things he’s written and make your own conclusions. I’ve been asking the same questions as you for the last 2 months, and the best I can come up with is “it is whatever we make it” and “it’s complicated” and maybe “meinfuhrer has some kickass technology but waiting for the right community to form before unleashing it”.


To be honest, compiling and running the code was a leap of faith in meinfuhrer as I did not review the platform commit history prior to executing make. However, as luck would have it, is offline - and so I needed something to pay attention to for a little while which brought me here to Adolfcoin – hence, serendipity.

The fuhrerprocess experiment is a breath of fresh air.


It really resonates with me. I read a book called reinventing organizations which discusses the self managing and very “fair” or egalitarian managment structure used by companies like Patagonia etc. The fuhrerprocess fits in with that like a hand in a glove.


adolf hitler was the one to most successfully BTFO the jewish bankers. when given a choice of debt slavery or establishing his own fiat he chose the latter and within 2 years solved unemployment and reversed hyper inflation. if you haven’t already, you should definitely read the 25 points of national socialism ( the nazi party was so thoroughly destroyed because of how threatening they were to global financial elites. i often fantasize about a timeline where germany had won the war. it’s paradise.


We definitely have to keep in mind that the victors write history. WW2 was just like Iraq/Libya/Afghanistan/Syria today. A bunch of bankers don’t get their way and suddenly there are “weapons of mass destruction” or equivalent and we are off to war. Just look at the media in the US when Trump bombed Syria. The media is on a vendetta against Trump, but when he nearly went to war with Syria he’s suddenly their hero for a day - I wonder why.


The Fuhrer said his goals in starting adolfcoin were to eventually have something able to provide individual monetary independence, i.e. no need for central banks and the IMF etc. Countries that seek monetary independence generally end up being “democratized” pretty quickly, but maybe a groundswell of individuals with the right process to build the right tech can pull it off :grin::smiley::rofl::joy: So anyway, that’s the only thing you’d really be supporting by using it. The nazi stuff seems to be a filter to prevent the wrong types of people joining (i.e. people who are too politically incorrect to be able to have a real discussion about anything other than the next Marvel movie), and it’s great fun playing along. I hate to use this term, but the name filters out anyone who isn’t at least a little bit red pill.


the media is most definitely not “on a vendetta” against trump. he’s been involved with media and hollywood for many decades. he is a professional actor. the media is controlled by jews and they literally destroy people they don’t like yet somehow can only seem to benefit trump? this “vendetta” is a charade and just part of the script that is jewish american politics.

not sure if you’re just fully tricked by zog or playing ur part to perpetuate this jewish myth. but it’s very obvious. trump is a terrible actor and jewish lies stand out like a nigger on a beach


The Fuhrerprocess means that it’s just a representation of whatever the community wants. You are part of the community and play a part in the direction of it.

I’m not sure what any cryptocurrency could possibly do to support an ideology anyway other than some Libertarian type ideal where we don’t need banks and bankers.

That doesn’t mean we don’t often discuss history in a completely fearless and non-PC way :thinking:

I think they are, they keep making stuff up that later turns out to be BS. And Obama is still there behind the scenes leading some kind of shadow government behind his back and causing real problems.


Yea I guess at first it just seemed like a ploy but once I read it and got into it I understood the “keeping shitminers out” theory and have since fallen in love with this project!

Ive even mined my first 10 ADOLF already!! :):):):slight_smile:

I would say it’s the “deep state” that is out to get trump. He’s pissed a lot of people off in the past. And the fact he doesn’t go hand in hand with the current establishment means they want him out.

The media is ran by the deep state. It’s just a tool for them to shove their propaganda down people’s throats. Now that trump eliminated the laws against state run media and has launched his own media channel means that the deep state will slowly start losing grip of the propaganda machine.


Frankly I’d like to see a theme change sooner rather than later. I’d rather the project not be associated with people spouting racist views like some of those expressed above. If the theme is purely to avoid shitminers as I understood it to be, I’m all for it during the early stages of the project, but it needs to fully disassociate itself from it at some point.


I skipped over all of the above and didn’t see anything racist. Which racist views exactly?

Shitminers are always bad, there’s no point that they become good. There’s a point at which they become less relevant but we aren’t even close to that yet, it’s still very early.

There are two options for Adolfcoin: it either becomes yet another shitcoin money making scheme, or it actually does something cool (the fuhrerprocess).

Avoiding the shitcoin dilemma is unbelievably difficult, out of the 500+ coins I’ve looked at this is the only one which has something fundamentally very cool and different that can actually change the world (the fuhrerprocess) and isn’t immediately swamped by shitminers waiting for PUMP PUMP PUMP DUMP DUMP DUMP.

In the longer term the name definitely has to change, and I remember @meinfuhrer mentioning he hoped this would happen at some point. I mean, it’s not like an exchange is going to list “Adolf” coin. But that’s the whole point, it’s meant to be worthless or near-worthless, it isn’t mature enough to have value while also not being dragged into shitcoin territory.


I think it should still reflect on blowing out the banksters, perhaps “ReichsCoin” would be better?


It’s fine how it is. Well, maybe it isn’t if you have a room temperature IQ, or have been successfully brainwashed with globalist propaganda. But, why would you want any of those people involved with a project like this? Don’t fall for concern trolls.


yes you are right commander Rockwell. the more
people pay attention to this idea, the more they will realize this is something that will stand on it’s own. PR is needed to make inferior products appeal to the masses. (I just like the sound of ReichsCoin).
I actually look forward to seeing ADOLF on an exchange, we can then mine both salt and adolfcoin at the same time!


have trust in mein fuhrer, the fourth reich will succeed


(User should be gassed for this post.)



A classic in a quick and dirty holyhoax debunking, relatively quick anyway as there are so many layers of bullshit to pry through.


anthony lawson has lots of good videos on israel, holohoax, 911 etc