Mining: am I doing it right? My balance is still zero



I just started with this, my first attempt at mining any cryptocoin, so I might be doing something wrong.

In brief: I compiled the GUI for linux and I’m running it with mining turned on. I see multiple messages in my log file like

Found block for difficulty: nnnnnnnn

But in the GUI upper-right corner Balance is 0.000. I would expect that to change if I find a block. I’ve stopped and started the server, closed and opened the wallet (from within the GUI).

I’m sure there is plenty more information I can provide and I’ll be glad to but first I’m interested in whether I’m doing or understanding something really obviously wrongly.

Thanks very much. 88.


You’re not doing anything wrong, this is a bug (that I will probably fix soon).

Create a ‘new’ wallet by restoring from seed words, you should then start to see your coins.


Joy! Thank you meinfuhrer!


I’m just curious: would you happen to know whether this same bug is in the Monero GUI?