Monero v.s. ADOLF


Adolfcoin Community: please watch out for delusional Monerogoons.

Problem: Monero Moron Normies have Mulled the Monero reddit page to lure in other Moneroless MOONbaggers. Many MOO MOOOOOON!!! MOOOOON! MOOOOONNN! MOOOONEEROOO!. CMOOON BABY MOOONERO!!

In all seriousness, reddit posts like this show little to no cohesion in the “Monero” community.
Has all our shitposting paid off?!?! Latest Monero Dev Meeting includes a highlight regarding tons of time spent reworking the Wallet User Interface!!!

b.t.w. I have nothing against shitposting, but c’mon have a sense of mission when you shitpost!

Seems like there are bunch of bagholders not giving a damn about the underlying technology.

I’ve also heard rumors that an undisclosed Monero dev team uses donations raised in Monero to fund ANTIFA … Let me know if such thing is provable-might have to warn the Dep. of Homeland Security.

Solution: TEAM ADOLF(sorry for the cheesy name) must continue abiding by principles. I’m super excited about this community - the Führerprocess and the Adolfcoin Forking Protocol are the real deal! Keep up the good work - I’m looking forward to the anonymous market place causing a ruckus!

May the HODL be with you.
Meanwhile the observant Lyapunov learns from our mistakes.


I’ve stopped mining for a while, it seems this community has tapered off, im going to update today or tomorrow and begin mining again. I dont want this community to die, hopefully the fuhrer returns with the marketplace but I think we need a plan forward in case he doesnt. It goes against the concept of this coin to fail without him.


I can’t access the update, I’m also a literal retard when it comes to this, I can only offer my devices to mine. If anyone has the EZmode update for the client on windows would appreciate it so I can sync up and start mining, and if anyone has a pool going I can point my GPU and all my android devices to it.