New pool server! New pool software!


Hi all,

The last few days I’ve been working on a new pool. Given the situation up until recently, I’ve been putting this off, but now is the time for a fresh start. Miners will not need to do anything as the url will redirect to the new server with no interruption. There will be a few things miners will notice, first I’ll point out, all your payouts on the old server will continue, and any left over, I’ll manually payout. If you need to (or simply want to mine to the threshold and get your coins faster), you can go to the ip where the old server is. It’ll be up for at least a couple of months as a fallback, just in case, but if everything goes smoothly, it’ll be retired.

The new server is much better (and cheaper! :wink: ), so should be able to handle higher demands, and now that I have a better idea of how to set these things up, it’s been built much cleaner. If I need to rebuild it, it should be a piece of cake now. I’ve also ensured it runs the much more up to date, and featureful version of the pool software, with nice graphs and such. It’s also been given a facelift and customisation visually, and actually has more relevant information.

Please try it out, and if there are problems let me know.