The lack of miners is insane!


I agree, efforts should be made to help spread word of adolfcoin, but its difficult for the hysterical masses as they only see a controversial name, and never bother to even scratch the surface to see what adolfcoin’s actual genuine goals are. OTOH, WRT issuance, it also means that people mining now are the select few that treat Adolfcoin as more than a shortcut to riches and are less easily swayed. Additionally, the issuance compared to Adolfcoin zero has been substantially reduced, and lengthened, so early miners have to spend far longer accumulating, this means later miners will get a much larger slice of the issuance pie compared to us earlies. That shouldn’t mitigate finding more user to mine, it simply means that there’ll be less likelihood of there being 1%'ers, but seriously, if you’re here mining right now, and contributing, you deserve the “reward” for arriving early, and sticking around long enough to mine those coins. It’s been close to 10 months now, and I’d say that even if it’s only distributed among 15-30 people, it’d still be more fairly distributed than 80% of other coins initial issuances out there right now.


lots crypto users are purely motivated by profit, don’t really need miners that only want to pump and dump just to have them


I have decided to continuously mine with my CPU, for the community’s sake. It’s not much, but it’s something. Maybe I’m Boomer-Posting, but are there any other crypto wallets I can donate to for the dev team/community?





whoa, now it’s Hash Rate: 4.05 MH/sec



The difficulty is getting higher and now it is 12 hours since the last block.


The reach would be small as expected since adolfcoin has such an effective “anti-marketing” strategy. But maybe if we push our marketing to the right people, say universities and other research institutions, that could learn from this coin’s intention (to create a decentralized forking/consensus for the adolfcoin system?) and community - people wanting to see a better crypto-currency environment (as opposed to pump and dump schemes).


A rather large increase in hashrate! I don’t personally see this as a bad thing, I’ve been watching the IRC chat and I don’t believe the people responsible have bad intentions.

I’m taking a step back from this project and hoping that others will come to take over at least some aspects. If nothing happens, I will return and kick things along.

There are a few obvious problems to solve in the codebase - an error in the default fee calculation, the reimport bug where one must reimport new wallets from seed words before being able to see their coins, and a few other things. These are quite easy to fix, and any pull requests that comply with the Fuhrerprocess will be merged. Furthermore, whoever submits a valid pull request will be given ownership privileges to the repository.

There’s also the issue of the website. It’s not unwise for control of the main website to be handed over to someone else. The source code for the site is on the gitlab repository, it’s static HTML and very easy to redeploy to a new domain name.

I have some coins remaining from the Neugrunding to Vergeltung transition and these will be distributed to individuals who start taking over any of the aspects of Adolfcoin.


I don’t think these miners had bad intentions either. I am sure it was fun to get a block every 2 seconds. I would have done it for science if I was in the same position. However the network is in bad shape. If those people pull their 25k/h off before the difficulty comes down it will be stuck. If they are not running asic and those are GPUs mining then they are using $50 a day worth of video cards and they would be foolish to keep mining here.

I know just enough about computers to run linux because I hate windows. I have no idea how to edit source code and fix issues. If it is easily fixable I could perhaps learn enough to do something useful. Maybe there is a coding for dummies I could read.

Some coins for bounties might attract more qualified individuals. Perhaps even the miners that did this know of some people that could add to the codebase. It would probably be a good idea to switch to the new version 7 cryptonight algo as there are asics that mine this algo.

Is it possible to reset the network difficulty somehow? I imagine it would involve making a new wallet and everyone having to update or be left behind. Perhaps it is not even possible to do.

Does anyone here have any coding skills? Or perhaps know someone like minded who does?


Fluffballz isn’t loading for me, perhaps I missed something.

#32 is up now but I see there is only 1 miner connected so something is up.


I guess it’s a solo miner with a GPU rig.

Edit: some chat comments say it’s NiceHash.


The hash came from Bathmat on the IRC relay log. He runs mining pools and set up a new one for adolfcoin. I believe he rented some nicehash to grab some coins quick. Cryptonight hash is cheap to buy right now because monero switched to V7.

He obviously overdid it and it is recovering. I think he hit it with 2MHs and got a block every 2 seconds. Now his pool is running 25 or so KHs and it is taking forever to adjust back. I am sure it was fun to do and watch the blocks roll in but yeah sucks now.

It was asked that the hashrate be reduced so that CPU mining would still work. Someone might be working on fixing the code also. Send fees are huge.


Are you still working on the anonymous marketplace?