The lack of miners is insane!


I agree, efforts should be made to help spread word of adolfcoin, but its difficult for the hysterical masses as they only see a controversial name, and never bother to even scratch the surface to see what adolfcoin’s actual genuine goals are. OTOH, WRT issuance, it also means that people mining now are the select few that treat Adolfcoin as more than a shortcut to riches and are less easily swayed. Additionally, the issuance compared to Adolfcoin zero has been substantially reduced, and lengthened, so early miners have to spend far longer accumulating, this means later miners will get a much larger slice of the issuance pie compared to us earlies. That shouldn’t mitigate finding more user to mine, it simply means that there’ll be less likelihood of there being 1%'ers, but seriously, if you’re here mining right now, and contributing, you deserve the “reward” for arriving early, and sticking around long enough to mine those coins. It’s been close to 10 months now, and I’d say that even if it’s only distributed among 15-30 people, it’d still be more fairly distributed than 80% of other coins initial issuances out there right now.


lots crypto users are purely motivated by profit, don’t really need miners that only want to pump and dump just to have them


I have decided to continuously mine with my CPU, for the community’s sake. It’s not much, but it’s something. Maybe I’m Boomer-Posting, but are there any other crypto wallets I can donate to for the dev team/community?