Using Fluffball's Mining Pool with Android


Depending on what phone you have, mining on Android can be the most power efficient way to mine Adolfcoin (more coins per unit of energy consumed than CPU or GPU mining). A good strategy is to leave it mining overnight while charging.

Step 1:
Install the mining software from the Google Play store:

Step 2:
You need a wallet address for the pool to make payments to you.

You can get a wallet address by running the Adolfcoin software (Windows instructions here), or if you want to quickly get up and running simply generate a wallet address online first and you can import this into the Adolfcoin software later when you get it up and running (you won’t be able to spend your mined coins until you run the Adolfcoin software, but you can still mine them without it if using a pool). IMPORTANT: record your wallet seed words somewhere safe if you use this option, you need them to be able to import your wallet later.

Step 3:
Open the mining app on your phone and make it look like the image below. In the User field, paste in your wallet address from above. You’ll see a button that says Start Mining. Click it.

When it’s running, it will say 0.00 H/s. This is simply because you are using the free version of this app and it doesn’t show your hash rate.

Step 4:
You can now go over to and paste in your wallet address to see your mining progress.

Step 4:


OK I got this working on my phone which is pretty cool. Got around 150 coins so far!

I used the online wallet generator, how do I convert this to a ‘real’ wallet when I want to trade/spend?


Nice work!

You need to run an adolfcoin node and wallet to spend the coins. I just noticed in the other thread that you said you are running 32bit windows, AFAIK there are only 64bit adolfcoin binaries for windows so you should just use an ubuntu usb stick to run a wallet instead (or install a newer version of Windows).

When you do get a wallet running, all you do is type in the seed words it gave you when you generated a wallet online. That’s all you need.

Oh, also, my pool is currently running on the testnet because the mainnet (the real adolfcoin) hasn’t launched yet, it’s still running in a mode that allows people to get started with mining and get prepared so that mining is fair right from launch. When the mainnet is launched, you need to generate a new wallet address and put the new one into the mining software.


This is so cool, I have like 8 old phones lying around. Thanks for setting this up @fluffball!!!


Can I use the same address to mine with multiple phones or do you need a new address for each one?


You can use the same address for all :slight_smile:


I go to check my address, and it says cant be found. Let my android run two seperate occassions for about an hour or two.

Also, github links giving 404 error code


GitHub was gassed. You can get the source at GitLab.


It can sometimes take a while to show up. Try running it overnight while you charge your phone and see