Using Fluffball's Mining Pool with Windows (CPU Mining)


Update April 24: the new (and much faster) mining software requires you to have a CPU with the AES instruction set. Not all CPUs have this. If the new miner doesn’t work for you, use this one instead.

UPDATE April 23: New CPU miner! Double the mining speed! Source code is here.

Step 1:
Download the mining software and unzip the zip file. Some virus software flags miners as a virus, you may need to add an exception or whatever depending on what antivirus you use.

Step 2:
You’ll need to edit the start_mining file and replace the wallet address with your own address.

To edit the file, right click and select edit. Replace the long string of random looking characters (the wallet address) with your own wallet address.

You can get a wallet address by running the Adolfcoin software (instructions here), or if you want to quickly get up and running simply generate a wallet address online first and you can import this into the Adolfcoin software when you get it up and running (you won’t be able to spend your mined coins until you run the Adolfcoin software, but you can still mine them without it if using a pool)

Step 3:
You can now go over to and paste in your wallet address to see your mining progress.

Step 4:
Making it go faster or slower: edit the start_mining file and increase the number at the very end of the line (currently 4) to however many cores your CPU has. If you want to use your computer for other tasks you may want to reduce this number.

Step 5:
Post your hash rate and your type of CPU here. I need more data points to see where I can make further improvements.

Faster CPU Miner, double the speed!
Getting started with Fluffball's mining pool

I got the Android one working but not the WIndows one. It says I need a 64 bit system.

Is there aything I can do to make it work??


Not really, you’re kind of out of luck. There isn’t a lot of demand for mining on 32 bit Windows computers because it means you only have very low end hardware. If I get time I’ll compile a 32 bit miner for my pool (if more people ask), but don’t hold your breath. Your best bet is to use a USB bootable ubuntu stick or something and use that to mine instead. If you need help with that just ask :slight_smile:


Is there GPU mining for this yet?


Yes, I’ve tested this one with Nvidia cards and it works fine:

If you use ATI you might have to use one of the closed source ones (there’s a list at

Keep in mind that GPU mining is very inefficient for adolfcoin, CPU mining is something like 20x more power efficient so if you use a GPU your coins will cost a lot more to mine in terms of electricity usage.


Update: a new CPU miner is available which provides up to a 100% increase in speed! Please download from the top of this thread (links are updated).


FYI I had to tell avast not to flag this as a virus.

Probably because malware uses the same code to force your computer to mine for them.


When I launch the miner in windows 7 ultimate x64
It loads miner window then just disappears… any help?


It’s most likely that you don’t have the AESNI instruction set on your CPU, that will cause it to do this.

If you can use command line in windows, try opening the directory and running it through a command line window so it gives you the proper error message without just closing the window.

Apart from that, use the older miner instead, it should work.

Do you have a graphics card? If so you can mine with that too.


Awesome I’ll try that thank you!


I had the same thing, closed as soon as I opened it. Turned out to be the aes thing.

Sucks. Aes cpus are way faster at mining.


Does anyone have the Windows version of fluffyminer?


Let me know if you find it because I’d like it as well


I’m trying to find it myself! I don’t use windows and simply compiled it for people who do. If I can’t find it I’ll compile it again but could take me a week or so before I get time to install windows etc


Take your time, I’m in no rush


@fluffball i have the windows version - edit the start mining to include your own vergeltung wallet address

I use “cpuminer” because my computer doesn’t have the required hardware for fluffys miner to work. if for whatever reason his miner doesn’t work for you can try this one.


First combined XMR-Stak release cryptonight for Monero (XMR).

10% boost to CPUs without hardware AES
Supports all common backends (CPU/x86, AMD-GPU and NVIDIA-GPU)
Supports all common OS (Linux, Windows and MacOS)
Supports algorithm cryptonight for Monero (XMR) and cryptonight-light (AEON)
Guided start (no need to edit a config file for the first start)
Automatic configuration for each mining backend
Allows to tweak each core or gpu by hand
Supports backup pools
TLS support
HTML statistics
JSON API for monitoring
Support the new stratum statistics extension


Did you ever write that 32-bit miner?