Vanishing Adolfs!


Greetings! Hi!
Unsure if this is an issue or not but fluffball’s pool is no longer recognising my wallet. It says “not found” in serious red letters. A friend of mine is having the same problem, but, although his wallet is recognised, all adolfs have absconded and he is showing a balance of Zero.
What is happening? Should we be distressed? Can someone please help?
Thankyou! :slightly_smiling_face:


Should mention that I’m mining on android and my friend is using windows… :slightly_smiling_face:


I noticed yesterday that his Fluffymine and his page on the Fluffyweb were having serious problems… They seem to be running again now but all the little Adolfs have vanished… While I hope they have gone somewhere nice I sincerely wish that they return soon…


… Or have we been PURGED?!?.. Is this the Night of the Fluffyknives!?!


Bunnies of Doooommmm




Are you sure youre using the right address? When were you last mining with it?


I lost power earlier today, your coins definitely aren’t lost but I have some recovery work to do :wink:

Your coins should pay out at some point, but I’ll post here if


That is such good news… I am so relieved… Thank you Oh Great Fluffball for all your wonderful work!!


Soooo any update? I lost all of my ADOLF (a few weeks of mining worth, slightly over 300) but it’s still paying me.


Can you message me your wallet address? I have to do manual payments. Luckily only about 6 people affected.


I also seem to have lost my Adolfs, or at least they are not shown. Single miner here (i.e. no pool), had only a few, about 17. Had my client permanently running when a Windows update forced a reboot while I was away. Started up client and wallet again: balance 0.00000000. Any ideas?


The most likely cause is that the wallet had not saved it’s state to disk. If that is indeed the case then there are two quick and simple fixes.

In order of expediency:

  1. Open the wallet and type refresh directly into the command window.


  1. Restore (recreate) the wallet from seed and let it sync from your node…


holy shit i’ve been mining since the testnet and i doubt i even have 2 thousand yet!
one day i’ll upgrade my toaster, i’d prob be better off just buying a couple raspberry pi’s


Sure. Just saw this, sorry


The trick is mining on everything possible


Thanks for your reply. Tried both, to no avail. Perhaps an issue with the client. I’ll save my wallet and do a re-install.


Not trying to rush you but any update? I’m still missing all of my ADOLF


Processing these today, sorry guys :slight_smile:


The payment threshold is 10 ADOLF so if you are missing more than that it’s probably something else (not much more than 10 ADOLF will accumulate in the pool before being paid).

Import your seed words into the Adolfcoin wallet and your coins should be in there (apart from whatever was in the pool when my power went out).